Christian, Father, Leader, Musician & Entertainer

     Matt Souders (aka #DJNoji) is a good friend to have and a super fun person to be around. His work really proves that he loves to work and serve others to the fullest through his passion for music and entertainment (check out his band page or tracks). If you are looking for someone who cares about your event and wants the best for your day… look no further. I bet you will be able to tell within the first 15 minutes of your Free Consultation.


     Born in St. Louis, MO back in 1981, Matt has been involved in leadership ever since he was a wee lil’ lad. Very active in music since the age of 8, he has the skill to play over 20 instruments and teach those instruments. Matt attended U of Phoenix Online for Business and Visible School for Music Leadership, and over a few years has leveraged his knowledge and capabilities to press on and continue to make a mark wherever he goes. The great thing about #DJNoji is that as his life story has changed over the years, so has the direction of his business, and he is very excited about these changes.

     By 2021 the goal for Matt is to own his own non-profit organization similar to the Big Brother/ Big Sister program. His business and entertainment services are a part of his ministry helping youth get off the streets and into learning music and the entertainment business. Every booking is one step closer to making this happen. By 2027 Matt would like to be a part of making positive changes across the state and beyond. Although this will be a big task, keep your eyes and ears open, because you will continue to hear about Matt Souders and DJ Noji.


You can connect with him on FaceBook by clicking “HERE

Favorite Quotes

  • “Begin with the end in mind”- S. Covey

  • “If it ain’t broke, we will break it and continue to break it until it is perfect”- O. Woodward & C. Brady

  • “Love, and if you must, use words”- T Brady

  • “When you light a path for another, you cannot help but shed the light on your own”‘- ?

  • “There is a yoU and I in COMMUNITY; do not take it out!”- M. Souders

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