Wedding Reception Event Details

#WeddingReception details can be a hassle to put together. We've been at it for ten years now, not to brag, but we have it down to a science. It's most important to us that our couples are served! So, our approach is different than your typical event coordinator approach, but it works and after it's all said and done. Couples LOVE it! So, take it and use it. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Address of Venue-

Colors of the wedding party-

How long will the photographer be there-

Text the DJ before arriving-

Please use youtube links for songs so we can get the right tune-

1- Introduction/ Grand Entrance- Start Time

Meet Wedding Party to go over the entrance information

Wedding Party Entrance-


Names (Last to First) Maid of Honor/ Maitron of Honor & BM Last

Bridesmaid (First Name OR First/ Last Name) and OR Escorted By Groomsman (First Name OR First/ Last Name)

Parents & Flower Girl/ Ring Bearer are optional

Bride & Groom Grand Entrance


Name Options

Mr & Mrs Groom First Name/ Last Name

Mr & Mrs Last Name

Mr & Mrs Groom FN/ Bride FN/ Last Name

2- Dinner Transition- Start Time

Dinner Music Selection- song ideas, radio stations, classical or down but catchy tunes

Any announcements/ Prayers

Toast- Better for toasters to do it after Dinner

Buffet style or Served

Served- We Will Let the tables out

Priority of tables- Immediate Family- Grandparents, Long distant family

3- Dances- time

First Dance-

Father/ daughter

Mother/ son

Wedding party

Any other special songs?

4- Music kick off- 1st song?

Typically play 3-5 songs until we do a special event (These transitions help keep the pace slow and help you to relax on a very long day that could be stressful) Also, give you time to mingle and say hello to guest, but gives me the chance to come save you from Uncle Fred that talks about that hip replacement for hours)

Cake- time


Play 3-5 songs

Bouquet toss- time



Song? retrieval

Song? toss

Play 3-5 songs

$1 dance- Song ideas? (Slow songs, Medium paced)

Special dances or games?

Closing song?

Any other song ideas?



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