What should a Wedding DJ/ Emcee cost????


One great contributor and a HUGE factor in either having a beautiful or awesome reception vs having a OMG or knew I should've paid more for the entertainment is a Wedding DJ/ Emcee. This can literally be a make or break deal for actually having a great day! Only the OCD's remember the Wedding Officiant mispronouncing the name wrong at the end of the ceremony. EVERYONE remembers the Wedding Emcee that mispronounced the couples name. EVERYONE will remember how good or bad the music was... EVERYONE!!!

Wedding DIsc Jockeys, Wedding Entertainers or Wedding DJs, can handle wedding receptions to make the wedding event even more alive and upbeat. Wondering how much does a wedding DJ cost? Read further as we analyze the total cost and factors that affects the cost.

Remember how excellent the wedding reception, whether it was very soothing music with mixes both the couple loved? Remember how you jived in the beat of the music together with the newlywed? Remember the offbeat lights that put disco clubs to shame? Yes, wedding events are the moments difficult to forget.


The Wedding DJ cost will depend on the number of hours and on the professionality of the DJ/ Emcee. Most Wedding Entertainers are paid in an hourly basis while some are paid in fixed price. The price will also depend on your location and the complexity of DJ competition.

Aside from these variables, the cost will also depend on lighting and equipment to be used by the DJ. Some DJs include these machines on their settled payment while some demands for additional payment. Try to look for or ask for different packages because every couple is different.

You must remember that DJs in clubs or bars have different skillset than wedding DJs. Wedding DJs do not only swirl music jam and head-bang songs, they have to synchronize their choice of music on the formality of the event and at the same time, manage to give dancing beats as for entertainment and fun in the reception. On top of that, if they actually Emcee your event, they have been working side by side with you to help navigate from the Wedding Party grand entrance to the last dance, while making announcements and ensuring that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be.

As mentioned already, the professionality scale of the Wedding Entertainer will majorly affect the price. But ethically true as it can be, cheap services often follow Isaac’s third law of motion stating, “In every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Metaphorically speaking, cheap paid services often give low quality services.

DJs are Moneymakers (Especially Wedding DJ/ Emcee/ Entertainers)

MS Event Group gave audiences a glimpse on how much does wedding DJ cost in 4-hour basis which is the time frame most popular for wedding events. According to them, DJs are priced depending on their DJ skills and experience. DJs in their early inception, simply called the beginners, have very minimal experience in DJ-ing. DJs in their first DJ experience are typically paid $200 to $300, in an average of $250 for 4 hours ($50 to $70 per hour).

On the other hand, DJs can be paid $400 to $600. Averaged-level DJs are only wild in heart but are totally elementary in DJ-ing. They might be able to do some basic to average DJ music switching but they still can’t diminish the risk of ruining a wedding party.

The good thing about low-cost DJs is that, you can actually save a lot of money; spend less for a DJ and just forget about any other things and just start partying. But these “affordable” kind of DJs are not “cost-effective,” simply not worth the pay.

Highly professional DJs are also comprehensively high in price. Should you furrow your forehead? You must understand why they seem to cost that much. It is because, professional wedding DJs are well-trained in handling music and in mastering an event. Professional wedding DJs are experienced. The professional wedding DJ cost typically ranges from $1000 to $2500 for 4 hours, in an average of $437.50 per hours.

Many DJ ex-clients have reported the cost of their wedding DJ in WeddingWire/ The Knot. Some says that paying over $1000 for a wedding DJ is pretty overpriced, while $800 to $900 is quite reasonable pay. Some has even reported paying 4-hour DJ in lesser price than usual. A user has reported paying $575 for 4.5 wedding party, that is in average is paying $127 only per hour. A couple in Louisville has paid $235 only for a 4-hour DJ.

Let’s get on the bottom line, how much does a wedding DJ cost? Given all the references above, we can say that the typical range of a DJ is $100 to $300 per hour. For 4-hour events, wedding DJ will cost approximately $400 to $1200. Like we said before, try to find a great entertainer that has great reviews and also offers different wedding reception packages.

Take note that this average cost is yet subject to change because of some variables that may bluntly affect the price such as equipment used, music knowledge, and emceeing/ entertaining.

Bargain DJs

If you are in a tight budget, you can have your very own DIY wedding DJ. To set things up, you will need an iPod, 4-tray CD player, speakers, and audio mixers. It is also best to setup microphones. In this industrious budget-friendly idea, your friend can act as a mad DJ and as a good emcee at the same time. Money saved!

Also, hiring “beginners” or “hobbyist DJs” can be sort of practical in financial sense but it is also to compare as of having your friend as a DJ. They also have the probability to unintentionally rain on your parade. We have received countless inquiries on couples whose friends have backed out, so it's up to you if you want to frantically worry about ANOTHER THING on your wedding just a few weeks out. It's hard to find a good replacement at such a short notice!! So instead of paying hundred bucks for wedding DJs in this kind, why not spend a little more cash for a professional one? High wedding DJ cost is truly more valuable than to have your event devastated.

But remember, having an unprofessional personnel to act as a wedding DJ can ruin a part of the event or worst, the whole event. Possible adverse may be technical problems, lack of music knowledge, or the playing inappropriate song choice. Spending hundred to thousand dollars for a professional wedding DJ can be rough in the pocket, but looking in the bright side, these DJ experts can be an investment towards happy wedding event, a kind of wedding you and your special guests could never forget.

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