What to do with the mic at a wedding!

I apologize for how the video turned out. T

his was a need on short notice.

Sincerely, DJ Noji

1- Do NOT stand in front of the speakers!

2- Bestman/ Maid/ Matron of Honor- Stand beside the #bride or #groom. Family or Guests- stand in front of the table, in front of the Bestman or Maid/ Matron of Honor to visually connect with the #NewlyWeds. Typically, stand opposite side of whomever you are there for, to connect.

3- Learn how to turn the mic off and on

4- Do not "tap" on the mic or say something like "is this thing on?!?"

5- Say a sentence or so for your "opener/ welcome" so that the sound person can get a good level.

6- Set your wrinkle (on the inside of your thumb), on the ring of the mic, and put your thumb right underneath your chin.

Hopefully this helps!

Your Favorite #WeddingDJ #DJNoji

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